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“Jenny is a delight to work with. She comes to rehearsals prepared, takes direction well and makes my vision a hysterical reality. Jenny can fill any moment on stage, knows when to take the spotlight and when to share it. She can be a modern day Carol Burnett, funny but in control. Time after time she can repeat a comic bit and make it look fresh every time. I welcome any opportunity to work with Jenny and gladly refer her to my peers.”

- David Craven, Director Amish Acres Round Barn Theater

“Jenny just sparkles on stage! Her wit, her timing, and that incredible voice are just a few on the reasons the audience can not get enough of her. She has been a vital factor in the success of The Confession – and I hope that we will be working together for years to come.”

- Dan Posthuma, Producer

“Jenny Reber is on my first call list! She is not only super talented but incredible to work with. Jenny’s potential is only out shined by her enthusiasm.

- Wally Nason, Director and Composer

Plain and Fancy, Summer 2010

Plain and Fancy, Summer 2010

                      Plain and Fancy,  Summer 2010                             

                      Plain and Fancy, Summer 2010



         The Confession , Summer 2011 & 2012

        The Confession, Summer 2011 & 2012

"But it's Jennifer Reber, a Mishawaka Native, who nearly steals the show as Ruth, Dan's girlfriend. She's a modern city gal, tottering around the stage in high heels and ulta-fashionable attire. Ruth is a woman with a penchant for scotch and hilariously out of her element in an Amish house that doesn't even have outdoor plumbing. Yet Reber and the rest of the relatively young cast don't let slapstck take over a story that is as much about culture clash as it is about love and family"

- Jordan Gamble, South Bend Tribune 

Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale!,  Summer 2013

Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale!, Summer 2013