Oh man, it happened!! GREASE is the WORD!  Grease has been open for a month and a week now, and I’m having a blast!

Per normal, I stressed out to the max during the rehearsal process, and spent all my free time rehearsing and reviewing blocking and songs. It was a whirlwind 11 days, but when Opening night came we were ready! 

Normally, the Pink Ladies aren’t in some of the ensemble songs, but because it’s a smaller cast we were added to many numbers. SO MUCH DANCING!!

And I LOVE it!!

It certainly tested me and my abilities...but I persevered. I also took a bunch of dance classes before rehearsals, and that gave me the confidence I needed to face my fears.  

I’m really proud of my improvement! Cast members have even told me that their family members, after seeing the show, have commented on my dancing! ME?!?! 

Speaking of cast members, this cast is AMAZING!!

I’m so in love with everyone! I’ve never worked with such hard working, kind, and talented individuals! Sincerely, these people have left a mark on my heart. I get emotional thinking that we only have 2 and half weeks left. It’s going to be so hard not seeing these people every day! 

This show has made me SO happy!!  

I struggle, like most people, with “allowing” myself to be happy. I feel like I don’t deserve I’m not good enough for happiness or I haven’t worked hard enough for it. But guess what?! Hell yes, I DESERVE happiness!! I am worthy and I am enough!  

Well, I’m off to go get ready for the first of 2 shows today!  

Busy day, but I feel so fulfilled!! 

I’ll leave you with so photos! 





Pink Ladies!!



Whenever someone says I look like Didi Conn, I swoon!!



These goofballs!



Brunch on our day off!!  


Skyzone trip!!  



Photo Credit: Julie Curry



Photo Credit: Julie Curry