Hello all!! 

So...I'm really behind...Hairspray has already come and gone. I was so busy with work and rehearsals that I didn't have time to update throughout the process. :( The experience was wonderful, though, and I had an amazing time! 

Penny has always been a dream role, and finally having the opportunity to play her was surreal. The show received great reviews and the cast was phenomenal. On a side note, Hairspray is a crazy challenging show. When you watch it performed it looks so easy and effortless...but don't be fooled. There is endless dancing and difficult harmonies. I was exhausted for a majority of the experience...but also fulfilled. There is nothing like coming off stage and knowing you gave it your, effort, and sweat. 

We are not even three weeks out from the last show and I already miss it dearly. Penny will always have a special place in my heart. Her confidence and ability to be effortlessly genuine, is something I will continue to strive for in my own life! 

Also, I celebrated a birthday during the run!! Great 28! Here's to an awesome year! 



Photos by Zach Rosing