Summer...I love summer. I love how relaxed summer makes people feel. For some reason I allow myself to get away with things during the summer, that I wouldn't during any other time of the year. For example, I said "no" to working out tonight and instead took a long walk around the canal...because, it's summer. And now I'm at a bistro on the canal drinking a glass of wine, and writing this post. 

Its often hard for me to relax, but for some reason Summer allows me to loosen my gripe.

Speaking of relaxing...that was one of my goals this summer. Silly, right?! But that's how bad I am at taking it easy. 

And let me tell you, this was the perfect summer to attempt the art of relaxation. For the first time in a long time, 9 years to be exact, I wasn't involved in a production. Plus I had a trip planned for an all-inclusive in Mexico. This summer should have been relax city...but my brain had other plans. 

I spent the beginning of the summer frustrated with myself. Angry that I hadn't auditioned for more shows. Upset that I wasn't accomplishing more things. Feeling like I wasn't worthy of relaxing. 

But you know what?! I am!! 

Once I got that thru my thick head, I finally was able to enjoy all that summer had to offer. And boy, did I!  

I did things that I was often too busy to do. I tried new things. I recharged. 

As Labor Day is approaching, I'm able to look back and realize I had a great summer. It was different than most and I'm itching to get back on stage, but it was very much needed!

You can scan my Instagram to see all the fun things I did, but I'm including the highlights below!

So in conclusion, all I wanna say is

"Relax. Don't do it, when you want to go to it"

...or at least once in awhile. ;)  













Pool Parties!!  






Most important. Relaxation.