My 9-5

I often use my blog to talk about my career on stage, but I rarely talk about my 9-5 job. So, let me explain what I spend most of my time doing...

I work full-time as an Actor/Interpreter at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. It's kind of a hard job to explain, but in general I discovered a career neither my parents nor I thought was possible...a 9-5 acting job with benefits. Now before I brag about how luckily I was to stumble across this gig, I should start off by saying this job is not for everyone and certainly not for the weak at heart. For explain, yesterday I had to put one of my programs on hold l, because a little girl chucked her biscuits right in front of the exhibit where I was about to preform. Grandpas fall asleep during my programs, babies cry during my programs, parents online shop during my name  it it's happened. We call it guerrilla theatre. I've had to perform under weird circumstance and in weird places. I've had to wear strange costumes, say cheesey things, and play wacky characters. Some programs I've been performing since I started (3.5 years ago) and some I've performed 100's of times.

But you know what, all of these things have made me a stronger and more resilient performer. And working at the museum has provided me will opportunities I never would have thought would be possible.

I've performed in commercials, recorded radio spots, voice overs, my image has been used in advertisement campaigns, I've attended workshops with renowned theatre professionals, and most recently have recorded a video as a Russian Ballerinia for our new dance exhibit. I have the opportunity to perform weekly as Anne Frank, and talk to kids about acceptance and kindness. I get to inspire kids, make them laugh, make them dream, and make them think. It is exhausting, stressful, and also the most rewarding thing I've ever done.

Most recently I've also been tasked with writing new programs for galleries. A year and a half ago I assisted in the writing of our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles program (I played April ;).) Nickelodeon approved and read our script! The same thing happened when I was asked to write the actor program script for our Doc Mcstuffins gallery a year later, only this time I did it by myself. Disney read and approved my script, and parts of my program were even filmed by the Disney Channel! Most recently, (and the reseason I decided to write this blog), I was asked to write the actor dance program for our new Dance! Gallery, which opened this past weekend. This program has been one of my biggest projects, but I'm super proud of it! I've had my hand on every aspect of the program, and it's been amazing to see my vision come to life.

I know this has been a long post, but sometimes I forget to remind myself how fortunate I am. I take things for granted, and I am really working on being grateful for the opportunities I have. As an Artist I always think "this is an awesome opportunity, but I don't deserve it...or it's never going to happen again...or I've wasted this chance...or everyone else is doing things that are 10 times better than what I'm doing..." These thoughts rob me of my joy...and they rob me of my confidence. I need to have faith that the journey I'm on is all part of the plan. Be grateful in the moment. Continuing to work hard and trusting myself, ensures that I'm always moving in the right direction. 

My direction and my pride, right now, revolves around my 9-5 and that is ok! Because frankly, I've been given an awesome opportunity! 






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April O'Neil