Don't Worry, Be Happy

Let's talk about HAPPINESS. 

Sometimes I have a problem being happy. 

So, I started considering the idea of "happiness," and even began reading the book The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor.

And not surprisingly so, there seems to be a direct correlation between happiness and positivity. Consider the benefits of looking at things "half full" instead of "half empty."

My boyfriend is so good at this. He always sees the positive...and sometimes annoyingly so. I mean, he could watch the movie Titantic and instead of being sad about the tragic historic event, he'd turn to me and say "but look at the amazing story they were able to create from the event" and "think of the adventure those people had." Yeah, he's that positive...and I'm scared to say, I'm letting some of it rub off on me.  

For example, Saturday morning I woke and groaned "I have to go to work" and he said "you GET to go to work." And frankly, just changing that one little word and repeating the "get to" phrase a few times to myself throughout the day actually made the day more enjoyable.

Now, I should say that I'm not a completely negative person. I love being happy and positive, but I've learned that stress and anxiety often steal my joy. I don't celebrate or embrace moments of achievement, and instead consider my next step for success. I get nervous, and find myself wishing that I could fast forward through upcoming events or opportunities.  

That's dumb! Why do we do that?! 

So, I have a new mission for myself...I'm going to do the opposite.

As I get ready to take on a stressful month of auditions, that I'm extremely anxious about, I'm going to be positive. Consider how lucky I have the opporunity to audition, to be seen by more directors, to challenge myself, to perform. Hopefully this will allow me to give myself more grace, and actually enjoy the opportunities.

Its going to be a challenge to switch the way I think and it won't happen overnight, but I need the change!

So cheers to happiness! Let's see where positivity can take us!