Shear Madness

     We are currently in our third full week of performances, and I'm definitely starting to feel the exhaustion I knew I would eventually feel.

When I accepted the role in October, I knew that the months of December and January were going to be a whirlwind. I'm still working full time at the museum and spend most nights driving the 25mins back and forth from the theatre. Bedtime and dinner have become the same thing, and last Monday was my first official full day off since Christmas. And I actually don't remember having any days off during December. Surprisingly, though, this isn't uncommon for me...seeing as I often end up using my yearly PTO to do shows outside the I use time off to do more work...

but you know what?...


Performing in Shear Madness has reminded me how fullfilled I feel when I'm involved in a show. I feel more like myself...I feel more like the Jenny who would spend all day at school and then rush to the theatre afterwards to spend hours at rehearsal. My Mom has always warned me about putting "to much on my plate"...but I guess I just have a big appetite. I don't feel like I'm living a "full" life when I'm not running from one thing to the other. Sure I'm tired, and during the rehearsal process I was super stressed, but I feel less anxious about other things...I feel more like myself...I appreciate myself more...and I'm able to live in and embrace each moment.

I'm so thankful for opportunities like Shear Madness

This show has been an absolute blast, and I'll be very sad when it's over. And in the meantime; I'm staying present, and taking advantage of every show we have and every opportunity I get to be on that stage!