Unnecessary Farce - Week 1

Started rehearsal for Unnecessary Farce last week!  This show is hilarious, and we were all but peeing our pants at the read-through. I first read the play last summer, and immediately fell in love with the wit, characters, and plot! I'm so honored to be a part of ATI's production of this well-crafted and clever script! 

The cast is incredibly talented, and we've had a blast playing. There is a lot of physical comedy in this show (as the bruises on my arms will prove) and, despite it not being a musical, we've been learning a lot of choreography. So much energy is exerted at each rehearsal, and I'm sure when the show gets going it will feel like we're running a marathon!

Here are some of the promo shots taken for the production. As you can see, it's pretty ridiculous! 



Excited to get this show up and moving!