Spring 2019

 Grease ended more than a month ago, and I’m still trying to get used to this “not working 60+ hours a week” thing. Needless to say it was an exhausting and challenging 2 months, but it was also one of the most rewarding. I gained confidence in my dancing abilities, performed a dream role, made life long friends, and basically just had a BLAST!! I seriously enjoyed performing every show and never tired of the experience.

Here are some final photos of Grease:

 📷: Julie Curry Photography

 📷: Julie Curry Photography

 📷: Julie Curry Photography

 📷: Julie Curry Photography

 📷: Julie Curry Photography

 📷: Julie Curry Photography

 📷: Julie Curry Photography

 📷: Julie Curry Photography

Rydell Class of ‘59

Rydell Class of ‘59

My Fam from Ohio came!!

My Fam from Ohio came!!

And, of course, immediately following the end of the show I got sick. It’s very common for actors to get sick after the run of a show. You put your body through so much for so long, and eventually it gives out. Luckily, it was just the stomach flu and past after a week. Just in time, because the following week I boarded a plane to San Diego for, my dear friend, Victoria’s Bachelorette party!  


It was a much needed vaycay with some lady friends! Although, it was a whirlwind 48hrs (72 after a canceled flight), it was SO MUCH FUN!! 

April ended with the celebrating of my 29th Birthday! I spent the day with friends, day drinking and petting dogs! Perfection!   


Work has also been busy this spring. I’ve been spending time preparing for the other Greece, as the museum gets ready to open the new “Take Me There Greece” and “Ancient Greece” galleries in June. I was tasked with writing  the actor program for the “Ancient Greece,” gallery...which required me unearthing knowledge from my college theatre history classes. It’s going to be a fun program!!

Lastly, spring also brought a lot of auditions. Between work and shows, I also spent time memorizing new material and rushing to auditions.

There was one show inparticular that I really had my eyes on, though,...

And if it wasn’t for the encouragement of my Grease castmates encouragement, I don’t even know if I would have put my hat in the ring.  

That fear of not being good enough made itself very present.

It’s amazing how we can build up everyone else...but ourselves.  

I worked hard to push those negative thoughts out of my head, though.

I continued to try my best...and fought hard.

With that said, I’m excited to announce that this fall I will be checking another name off my “Dream Roles List.”

I will be playing AUDREY in Little Shop of Horrors at Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre!! 



Even as I write this, I still have to pinch myself!

I’m nervous as a Nelly, but SO excited!! 

That’s all for now!! 

I’m so looking forward to summer...and warm weather!!  





Oh man, it happened!! GREASE is the WORD!  Grease has been open for a month and a week now, and I’m having a blast!

Per normal, I stressed out to the max during the rehearsal process, and spent all my free time rehearsing and reviewing blocking and songs. It was a whirlwind 11 days, but when Opening night came we were ready! 

Normally, the Pink Ladies aren’t in some of the ensemble songs, but because it’s a smaller cast we were added to many numbers. SO MUCH DANCING!!

And I LOVE it!!

It certainly tested me and my abilities...but I persevered. I also took a bunch of dance classes before rehearsals, and that gave me the confidence I needed to face my fears.  

I’m really proud of my improvement! Cast members have even told me that their family members, after seeing the show, have commented on my dancing! ME?!?! 

Speaking of cast members, this cast is AMAZING!!

I’m so in love with everyone! I’ve never worked with such hard working, kind, and talented individuals! Sincerely, these people have left a mark on my heart. I get emotional thinking that we only have 2 and half weeks left. It’s going to be so hard not seeing these people every day! 

This show has made me SO happy!!  

I struggle, like most people, with “allowing” myself to be happy. I feel like I don’t deserve it...like I’m not good enough for happiness or I haven’t worked hard enough for it. But guess what?! Hell yes, I DESERVE happiness!! I am worthy and I am enough!  

Well, I’m off to go get ready for the first of 2 shows today!  

Busy day, but I feel so fulfilled!! 

I’ll leave you with so photos! 





Pink Ladies!!



Whenever someone says I look like Didi Conn, I swoon!!



These goofballs!



Brunch on our day off!!  


Skyzone trip!!  



Photo Credit: Julie Curry



Photo Credit: Julie Curry 

Winter 2018


I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season!

How is it already 2019?! 

My November and December were pretty busy, but it was definitely a good balance of work and pleasure.  

Thr museum is always hopping around the Holidays. It can be very long days, but the excited of the kids make it all worth while. Also, for the 4th year in a row I performed as Belle in A Christmas Carol at Beef & Boards. Spending the season at Beef & Boards is always so special. I love the show and the people involved so much! 

Photo Credit: Julie Curry

Photo Credit: Julie Curry

The end of the year was also full of Holiday parties and get-togethers. The friends who have entered my life over the last year have become some of my closest. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people...who like to do so many fun things! 


I received some exciting news in December! I found out I was the recipient of a Mitty Award. I remember reading about the awards when I first moved to the city, and secretly hoping I would one day be recognized. It was such a treat to see my name on the list! Special thanks to Ken Klingenmeier for the nomination!



Im excited to get back on the stage! I start rehearsals for Grease on the 25th! I’ve been spending the month preparing for the show...and for the busy couple months I have ahead of me.

I’ll check back in when I start rehearsals! 

Cheers in the New Year,


Fall 2018

Its been a crazy fall! I finished A Comedy of Tenors at Actors Theatre of Indiana! The show was a lot of fun and, as mentioned before, the cast was wonderful! I learned so much from the experience, and felt so lucky to grace the stage with such talented people!


After the show, I attended to amazing weddings! Saw my cousin Katie marry her sweetheart in Connecticut, and sobbed as I watched two of my best friends, Tony & David, say their vows.  

This fall I was also presented with two wonderful opportunities and ultimately had to make one of hardest decisions I’ve had to make in my career.    I am honored to announce, I will be performing as Frenchy in Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre’s production of  Grease !     I am estatic, as Frenchy has always been a dream role! I can’t wait to start rehearsals!!  I will also be performing as Belle again in  A Christmas Carol  at Beef & Boards, which has become one of my favorite Christmas traditions. This is my 4th year doing the production, and every year I feel honored to be a part of the show!   Thats all for now!   Cheers,    Jenny     

This fall I was also presented with two wonderful opportunities and ultimately had to make one of hardest decisions I’ve had to make in my career.

I am honored to announce, I will be performing as Frenchy in Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre’s production of Grease

I am estatic, as Frenchy has always been a dream role! I can’t wait to start rehearsals!!

I will also be performing as Belle again in A Christmas Carol at Beef & Boards, which has become one of my favorite Christmas traditions. This is my 4th year doing the production, and every year I feel honored to be a part of the show! 

Thats all for now! 




A Comedy of Tenors is Open!!

A Comedy of Tenors opened last Friday! 

Man, do I love this cast! It’s been such a wonderful experience! And watching Don Farrell transform into two hilarious characters is worth the price of the ticket alone! Watching him and the other cast members work has taught me so much! I feel like such a lucky lady to share the stage with such a talented group of performers! 

That beings said, I wish I wasn’t so hard on myself. I am truly my worst critic, and I need to work to stay more positive. Life is too short...and soon the show will be over...I need to relax and have fun! So here’s to enjoying the next 3 weeks!!  

Here is a cut from the show and an interview with the lead and director. https://www.wishtv.com/indy-style/a-comedy-of-tenors-brings-in-laughs-at-the-studio-theater-through-september/1433728113





End of Summer

Summer is coming to an end...and it was quite a busy one! Lots of time with friends, concerts, bike riding, and recharging. There was also lots of audition prep, auditions, and ...disappointments. But after lots of hard work, I’m ending my summer on a high note! Three weeks ago I was offered the role of “Mimi” in A Comedy of Tenors at Actors Theatre of Indiana and last week we started rehearsals! I couldn’t be more thrilled to once again perform at one of my favorite theatres and to work with one of my favorite directors! It’s a fun show...and goodness know, I love a good farce!

The first week of rehearsals was pretty tiring, and much of the week was spent memorized and getting into the head of Miss “Mimi.” I always lack a bit of confidence at the start of rehearsals, and I need to work on ensuring that I start in a better headspace. All in all, a lot was accomplished in the first week! It has been such a joy watching everyone work and play! And Darrin Murrell, our director, is a pure genius! 

Starting week two of rehearsals tomorrow, and we open next Friday! More to come!

Read Thru   

Read Thru






Hello all!! 

So...I'm really behind...Hairspray has already come and gone. I was so busy with work and rehearsals that I didn't have time to update throughout the process. :( The experience was wonderful, though, and I had an amazing time! 

Penny has always been a dream role, and finally having the opportunity to play her was surreal. The show received great reviews and the cast was phenomenal. On a side note, Hairspray is a crazy challenging show. When you watch it performed it looks so easy and effortless...but don't be fooled. There is endless dancing and difficult harmonies. I was exhausted for a majority of the experience...but also fulfilled. There is nothing like coming off stage and knowing you gave it your all...energy, effort, and sweat. 

We are not even three weeks out from the last show and I already miss it dearly. Penny will always have a special place in my heart. Her confidence and ability to be effortlessly genuine, is something I will continue to strive for in my own life! 

Also, I celebrated a birthday during the run!! Great 28! Here's to an awesome year! 



Photos by Zach Rosing 


Winter 2017/2018

Hello All!!

The Holidays were busy as usual, but I wouldn't have had it any other way! Spent a lot of time with family and friends celebrating and enjoying the season.


I performed as Belle in Beef & Boards production of A Christmas Carol. This was my third year performing in the role, and it has truely become one of my favorite parts of the Holiday Season. I enjoy the production and the theatre so much, and it's always an honor to come back and reprise my role.



In December, I was also asked be a part of an original show written by a friend here in Indy. The show is entitled Bad Dates, and the production will take place at the Indy Fringe Building in July. I'm thrilled to work with my friend, Christine Kruz, who is not only an awesome writer but is wicked smart! 

At the beginning of January,  I auditioned for Hairspray at the Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre. I'm excited to announce that I will be performing one of dream roles, Penny Pingleton, this spring! I have been craving to be a part of a full singing/dancing musical again, and can't wait to get started! Lots of sweating and singing are in my future!


There is a little update on my life. More to come when I start rehearsals for Hairspray.




Wow - what a busy fall! At the beginning of October I started rehearsals for Pinocchio at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre. I was cast at Candlewick, one of the bad boys who turns into a donkey...talk about type-casting. 

We will be starting out 3rd week of the run this Friday. It's been a lot of fun...but also exhausting! The cast is wonderful, and I'm really enjoying my experience.   




Aside from performing as a little boy this October, I've also spent my time as a mink. 

I was asked to be a part of Holliday Park's Hauntless Halloween event. Families walk along the trail and get to talk with creatures who have magically come to life. One of the creatures being Mable the Mink.  I had a lot of fun interacting with the guests as a kooky character.


This is probably the most glamorous photo of me... 

And then if October wasn't busy enough, I made a quick trip to Vegas to celebrate my parent's 30th anniversary! They renewed their vows in a little church, and it was the sweetest thing ever! I had never been to Vegas before...and talk about sensory overload. I had a wonderful time with my family, and was reminded how blessed I am to have such a great sister and parents.  


It's been a hectic October so far, and I couldn't feel more fortunate! 




Summer...I love summer. I love how relaxed summer makes people feel. For some reason I allow myself to get away with things during the summer, that I wouldn't during any other time of the year. For example, I said "no" to working out tonight and instead took a long walk around the canal...because, it's summer. And now I'm at a bistro on the canal drinking a glass of wine, and writing this post. 

Its often hard for me to relax, but for some reason Summer allows me to loosen my gripe.

Speaking of relaxing...that was one of my goals this summer. Silly, right?! But that's how bad I am at taking it easy. 

And let me tell you, this was the perfect summer to attempt the art of relaxation. For the first time in a long time, 9 years to be exact, I wasn't involved in a production. Plus I had a trip planned for an all-inclusive in Mexico. This summer should have been relax city...but my brain had other plans. 

I spent the beginning of the summer frustrated with myself. Angry that I hadn't auditioned for more shows. Upset that I wasn't accomplishing more things. Feeling like I wasn't worthy of relaxing. 

But you know what?! I am!! 

Once I got that thru my thick head, I finally was able to enjoy all that summer had to offer. And boy, did I!  

I did things that I was often too busy to do. I tried new things. I recharged. 

As Labor Day is approaching, I'm able to look back and realize I had a great summer. It was different than most and I'm itching to get back on stage, but it was very much needed!

You can scan my Instagram to see all the fun things I did, but I'm including the highlights below!

So in conclusion, all I wanna say is

"Relax. Don't do it, when you want to go to it"

...or at least once in awhile. ;)  













Pool Parties!!  






Most important. Relaxation. 



Jack of All Trades

When I started my theatre career, other theatre professionals would often tell me "if you can see yourself doing anything other that theatre, do that." I hated this!...because of course I could see myself doing other things...I have a knack for marketing, I love fashion, I enjoy working with kids, I took advanced math classes in High School, plus I'm super crafty...but, none of these things give me the feeling I get when I perform. Performing makes me feel fulfilled...it makes me feel whole. So, can I see myself doing other things? Sure! Would I be happy? No!

For some people, though, theatre is all they have. I used to feel guilty and torn, when I enjoyed doing other things or took different detours...like, if I didn't commit myself fully I wouldn't be worthy of choosing theatre as a career. I struggled with this a lot in college, but can proudly state I never changed my major...only tacked on a minor. (Thanks Mom, for encouraging me to have a back-up). And actually, I did the opposite of what I was told...I embraced, and still continue to do so, all my other interests.

This summer I have spent time working on PR and costumes for a re-established professional theatre company in central Indiana. One of my dear friends had just become the artistic director, and was looking for help. So, I volunteered! It's been fun to be involved in other aspects of the theatre world. I have developed even more respect for all the effort put into a production.

While taking a step back from the spotlight this summer, I reflected upon my experience. And I came to a conclusion, that may not be accepted by other theatre professionals.


The more well-rounded I am, the more I can relate to different characters I may portray.

Example: I remember wishing last summer, when performing in Heathers, that I had done cheerleading at least once while in school. Leading cheers is hard, ya'll...and intimidating. Anyway, the more information and activities I immerse myself in the more prepared I feel as an actor. 

On another note, I will also say, that theatre is not glamourous. Unless you're working on Broadway, you will need to do many things on your own. I can not pat myself enough on my back for enrolling in sewing class freshman year of High School instead of theatre. Being able to hem, fix seams, and sew on buttons has come in handy during costume emergencies backstage. My love for make-up has also saved my butt when I, at the age of a 21 year-old, had to believably protray a 65 year-old. None of these things would have been possible if I hadn't pursued my other interests. 

It all goes back to the idea, that often the best models are photographers...because they understand what things look like behind the lens. 

With that being said, I encourage us to be "jack of all trades." We certainly don't have to master every hobby we enjoy and fully jump in, but it's enough to just get our feet wet. Let us all be well-rounded performers...and people! 






Me, getting my craft on  



I used my mad PR skills, and got the Nettle Creek Players an amazing deal on tux Rentals. 



Halloween costumes design...constructed by moi.



Yoga is a huge passion of mine...also check out my handcrafted Indy 500 garb. Yep, we're really weird in the Midwest. 

My 9-5

I often use my blog to talk about my career on stage, but I rarely talk about my 9-5 job. So, let me explain what I spend most of my time doing...

I work full-time as an Actor/Interpreter at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. It's kind of a hard job to explain, but in general I discovered a career neither my parents nor I thought was possible...a 9-5 acting job with benefits. Now before I brag about how luckily I was to stumble across this gig, I should start off by saying this job is not for everyone and certainly not for the weak at heart. For explain, yesterday I had to put one of my programs on hold l, because a little girl chucked her biscuits right in front of the exhibit where I was about to preform. Grandpas fall asleep during my programs, babies cry during my programs, parents online shop during my programs...you name  it it's happened. We call it guerrilla theatre. I've had to perform under weird circumstance and in weird places. I've had to wear strange costumes, say cheesey things, and play wacky characters. Some programs I've been performing since I started (3.5 years ago) and some I've performed 100's of times.

But you know what, all of these things have made me a stronger and more resilient performer. And working at the museum has provided me will opportunities I never would have thought would be possible.

I've performed in commercials, recorded radio spots, voice overs, my image has been used in advertisement campaigns, I've attended workshops with renowned theatre professionals, and most recently have recorded a video as a Russian Ballerinia for our new dance exhibit. I have the opportunity to perform weekly as Anne Frank, and talk to kids about acceptance and kindness. I get to inspire kids, make them laugh, make them dream, and make them think. It is exhausting, stressful, and also the most rewarding thing I've ever done.

Most recently I've also been tasked with writing new programs for galleries. A year and a half ago I assisted in the writing of our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles program (I played April ;).) Nickelodeon approved and read our script! The same thing happened when I was asked to write the actor program script for our Doc Mcstuffins gallery a year later, only this time I did it by myself. Disney read and approved my script, and parts of my program were even filmed by the Disney Channel! Most recently, (and the reseason I decided to write this blog), I was asked to write the actor dance program for our new Dance! Gallery, which opened this past weekend. This program has been one of my biggest projects, but I'm super proud of it! I've had my hand on every aspect of the program, and it's been amazing to see my vision come to life.

I know this has been a long post, but sometimes I forget to remind myself how fortunate I am. I take things for granted, and I am really working on being grateful for the opportunities I have. As an Artist I always think "this is an awesome opportunity, but I don't deserve it...or it's never going to happen again...or I've wasted this chance...or everyone else is doing things that are 10 times better than what I'm doing..." These thoughts rob me of my joy...and they rob me of my confidence. I need to have faith that the journey I'm on is all part of the plan. Be grateful in the moment. Continuing to work hard and trusting myself, ensures that I'm always moving in the right direction. 

My direction and my pride, right now, revolves around my 9-5 and that is ok! Because frankly, I've been given an awesome opportunity! 






Anne Frank



Russian Ballerina  



Frances the Friendly Witch



The Mistletoes



Patty Cakes



Doc Mcstuffins Program


April O'Neil  

April O'Neil  

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Let's talk about HAPPINESS. 

Sometimes I have a problem being happy. 

So, I started considering the idea of "happiness," and even began reading the book The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor.

And not surprisingly so, there seems to be a direct correlation between happiness and positivity. Consider the benefits of looking at things "half full" instead of "half empty."

My boyfriend is so good at this. He always sees the positive...and sometimes annoyingly so. I mean, he could watch the movie Titantic and instead of being sad about the tragic historic event, he'd turn to me and say "but look at the amazing story they were able to create from the event" and "think of the adventure those people had." Yeah, he's that positive...and I'm scared to say, I'm letting some of it rub off on me.  

For example, Saturday morning I woke and groaned "I have to go to work" and he said "you GET to go to work." And frankly, just changing that one little word and repeating the "get to" phrase a few times to myself throughout the day actually made the day more enjoyable.

Now, I should say that I'm not a completely negative person. I love being happy and positive, but I've learned that stress and anxiety often steal my joy. I don't celebrate or embrace moments of achievement, and instead consider my next step for success. I get nervous, and find myself wishing that I could fast forward through upcoming events or opportunities.  

That's dumb! Why do we do that?! 

So, I have a new mission for myself...I'm going to do the opposite.

As I get ready to take on a stressful month of auditions, that I'm extremely anxious about, I'm going to be positive. Consider how lucky I am...to have the opporunity to audition, to be seen by more directors, to challenge myself, to perform. Hopefully this will allow me to give myself more grace, and actually enjoy the opportunities.

Its going to be a challenge to switch the way I think and it won't happen overnight, but I need the change!

So cheers to happiness! Let's see where positivity can take us! 





Shear Madness Closes

And with a snip of scissors Shear Madness is over...

What an amazing and fulfilling experience! With long running shows you can find yourself falling into a routine or unintentionally going through the motions, but with Shear Madness I constantly felt challenged. I was never completely satisfied with my choices or my direction...which continuously pushed me and forced me to "play."Due to the nature of the show, I found myself leaning new things each day. As a person the the journey was scary, but as an artist it was thrilling. 

One always changing component of the experience was the audience. We were lucky, though, to have had great audience, though, who were willing to explore with us...each day we figured out this kooky play together! Their enjoyment, was truly one of the best parts of the show. And as the playwright points out, the audience is the star...they drive the show. 

I was also fortunate enough to work alongside an amazing group of artists, from whom I learned so much. Not only was everyone extremely talented, but very giving and genuine! 

Overall the experience was one in a million! I still feel like I'm on cloud nine for having had the opportunity. I can't thank Eddie Curry, Doug Stark, and Beef & Boards enough!!

Not only did I grow as an artist...but I even walked away as a halfway decent hairdresser.







Photo Cred: Julie Curry  


Photo Cred: Julie Curry  


Photo Cred: Julie Curry  

Shear Madness

     We are currently in our third full week of performances, and I'm definitely starting to feel the exhaustion I knew I would eventually feel.

When I accepted the role in October, I knew that the months of December and January were going to be a whirlwind. I'm still working full time at the museum and spend most nights driving the 25mins back and forth from the theatre. Bedtime and dinner have become the same thing, and last Monday was my first official full day off since Christmas. And I actually don't remember having any days off during December. Surprisingly, though, this isn't uncommon for me...seeing as I often end up using my yearly PTO to do shows outside the museum...so I use time off to do more work...

but you know what?...


Performing in Shear Madness has reminded me how fullfilled I feel when I'm involved in a show. I feel more like myself...I feel more like the Jenny who would spend all day at school and then rush to the theatre afterwards to spend hours at rehearsal. My Mom has always warned me about putting "to much on my plate"...but I guess I just have a big appetite. I don't feel like I'm living a "full" life when I'm not running from one thing to the other. Sure I'm tired, and during the rehearsal process I was super stressed, but I feel less anxious about other things...I feel more like myself...I appreciate myself more...and I'm able to live in and embrace each moment.

I'm so thankful for opportunities like Shear Madness

This show has been an absolute blast, and I'll be very sad when it's over. And in the meantime; I'm staying present, and taking advantage of every show we have and every opportunity I get to be on that stage!  






Phew!! It's been a busy couple of months, and I haven't had the chance to do any updating! 

In November I began rehearsals for A Christmas Carol at Beef & Boards. This was my second year performing in the show, and I was honored to return. I absolutely love the show, and the performances immediately put me in the Holiday spirit. We performed throughout December and, despite getting sick with an ear infection, I had a wonderful time.



Most of the gang

Most of the gang

While still performing in A Christmas Carol, I also began rehearsals for Shear Madness at Beef & Boards. This is my first main stage production with the theater, and I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity!  

If you're unfamiliar with Shear Madness, it is the longest-running play in the world. It is a comedy whodunit, where the audience picks the ending and also interrogates the suspects. It's probably been one of the most challenging shows I've ever been a part of, because it's so unpredictable. No two shows are alike. 

I play "Barbara DeMarco" the flirtatious hairdresser, who becomes one of the suspects in the murder of a renowned pianist. She's part ditzy, part sassy, and part sexy...and her hair almost touches the ceiling. 

We just finished our first full week of performances. The show has been a blast and the audiences seem to be enjoying themselves. We run thru January 29th, and I'll be updating thoughout the run.  

If you're in the Indy area come see Shear Madness...I know you're dyeing to!  


- Jenny  


I've always found Halloween to be magical.

A whole day dedicated to dressing up and pretending... talk about an actor's dream.

Working at the Children's Museum, I am reminded daily of the sheer innocence of dressing up. During this season it's pretty common to see visiting families dressed in costume. On a normal trip around the museum, I see everything from a Princess, to a Superhero, to a tiger. Each child whole-heartily imagining that they are that actual creature or person. It's kind of inspiring to see how confident and content each child is in their costume. 

Truthfully, I still dress up for Halloween every year...and often spend way too much time putting together a costume. I have my Mom to blame for this trait, because growing up she allowed my sister and I to dress up as whatever we pleased. The more creative the better! I only remember buying an actual costume once. Most years we'd spend time whipping up our own zany designs at home. I loved the thrill of wearing fun clothes, but the idea of creating a character excited me even more...and truth be told, it's one of the main reasons I fell in love with theatre. The opportunity to be someone else.

Now, let me start by saying that I don't advocate for people being anyone else but themselves...I just wrote an entire post about being comfortable in your own skin. This being said, sometimes transforming allows us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and dig up buried confidence. The image of a normally shy kid dressing up as Batman and suddenly exhibiting a strength that he didn't know he had, comes to mind. I witness this daily at the museum. Kids put on a different article of clothing and blossom.

I know for me personally, I have learned a lot about my own hidden strengths as well as that of others while creating a character on stage.

So, with all this rambling, I'm saying embrace the magic of Halloween...play dress-up...use the chance to pretend as a way to learn more about yourself. Seeing the kids at the museum in their costumes has really given me this warm fuzzy feeling lately.

We can be whoever we want to be...and sometimes we need to pretend in order find out what's real. 

Me as "Mrs Geekville" the beauty pageant contestant from Geekville

Me as "Mrs Geekville" the beauty pageant contestant from Geekville

"Paige" the Book Fairy

"Paige" the Book Fairy

Pink Troll

Pink Troll

A little girl from the museum who fully committed to being a dinosaur! 

A little girl from the museum who fully committed to being a dinosaur! 

I perform as "Frances the Friendly Witch" at the museum. Check on my video on my media page.    

I perform as "Frances the Friendly Witch" at the museum. Check on my video on my media page. 




I did something crazy...

So, I've really tried to better myself lately.

I've taken up dance lessons, gone to more yoga, have added to my vocal repitoire, and have drilled for up coming auditions...but no matter how hard I work, I still seem to always struggle when it comes to the confidence factor.

I have a lot of insecurities about my looks, my talents, and my choices. Like many artists, I constantly beat myself up. That nagging "you could be better" phrase seems to play on an endless loop in my mind.

With this being said, I've recently made an effort to think more positively about myself and embrace who I am. But man, is it a day to day challenge...and some days my progress is really tested. One of these days having been in late August. 

My photographer friend, Maike, emailed me earlier in the summer about taking part in a photoshoot-athon. She had just taken a workshop, and was excited to test out her new skills. Sounds cool, right?...well, the workshop had been on boudoir photography...that's right, I said...BOUDOIR!!

Like sexy, little-clothing, lingerie boudoir. 

And call me crazy, but I said I'd be interested. 

At first the idea sounded thrilling and glamorous. I was treating myself to a photoshoot in a swanky photography loft, with hair and make-up provided.

How fun, right?!

But as the date of the shoot grew closer, I became more and more anxious. What if I was awkward?...or I hated the way I looked? Or the photos made me self-conscience? And to top it off, a week before the shoot I got really sick...the "I feel anything but sexy" type of sickness.

I just kept thinking, what did I sign myself up for?!

But then I reminded myself, that I needed to do this. I needed to do this for me! I needed to test my confidence...and for maybe for once in my life feel comfortable in my own skin.

And guess what...I did it!! 

Sure there are photos from the shoot where I don't like the way I look, but there are also a lot that make me feel beautiful and confident.

I'm sharing a few of my favorites below...they are also the more glamourous and less-skin ones.

I encourage everyone to do things that test their confidence...we are all beautiful and talented beings...so live it up! 

"The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence." - Blake Lively  



Photo Credit: the fabulous M.Rinaye Photography



Indiana Squirrel Stampede - Fringe 2016

This summer has been busy...as soon as I started productions for Heathers  I began rehearsals for Indiana Squirrel Stampede. This is my first year performing in the Indy Fringe festival, and I'm so excited to finally be apart of this inspiring celebration of the Indy performing arts community! 

The Indiana Squirrel Stampede is written by the fabulous Julie Lyn Barber. She received a grant from the state for the Bicentennial to write a piece about Indiana history. The musical tells the story of real squirrel stampedes (migrations) that took place in Indiana during the 1700s and 1800s, from the perspective of some prominent Indiana figures. It's pretty hilarious.

We perform at the Indy Eleven theater and our schedule is: 

Saturday, August 20th at 4:30pm

Sunday, August 21st at 7:30pm

Wednesday, August 24th at 9:00pm

Thursday, August 25th at 6:00pm

Friday, August 26th at 7:30pm

Sunday, August 28th at 7:30pm

And then we will also be performing at two State parks the following week. More to come on this!

Here is our promo photo:  



And our preview: 

Hold onto your Nuts,