About Me...

Cheesin' from a young age...

Cheesin' from a young age...

Not much has changed.

Not much has changed.


I am ready to live out my "Big City" dreams,

wherever that big city may be...

I am a Midwest born and raised actor, singer, dancer, and overall goofball. I'd like to say that I knew from a young age I wanted to perform, but up until the age of 10 I was determined to be a teacher. I realized, though, that what appealed to me most about a career in teaching was having a classroom set of eyes constantly on me...a Permanent audience. It was then that I considered looking further into a career in the performing arts.

In middle school I began auditioning for my first shows...and while most people at this age try to hide in the shadows until their braces are off or they can better maintain their frizzy hair, I embraced my quirks and proudly displayed them on stage. it's true, that Performing in the school musicals may have not given me entrance into the popular crowd, bUt it did help me discover my true passion in life.

I followed that passion through college and now reside in Indianapolis as an actor. i have worked with a variety of proffessional theatres and companies in the MidWest, and currently work full-time as an actor/interpreter at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

I think actors arE often encouraged to fit themselves into a certain molD, but i proudly accredit myself to be a lovely combo of both Barbra Streisand and Carol Burnett. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I have had, and can't wait for many more adventures!



Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.
— Norman Vincent Peale